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The cityCure concept aims to be a solution catalogue for people and animals living in rural areas, villages, towns, cities and agglomerations.

One of the missions of cityCure is the deployment of excellent quality and incredibly easy-to-implement solutions. Always on an extremely high quality level, cityCure products can be produced by ourselves or by manufacturers that have excellent performing products that help us making the cityCure portfolio complete.

The cityCure solutions are divided into three verticals. Horizontal cross using of the solutions through the vertical is very well possible, see for yourself! The verticals focus on specific fields within urban environments:

Facility & infra

Solutions that support you in sustainable urban maintenance and development at low-costs are captured in faciliCure.

transport & Fleet

Solutions that will improve your fleet on efficiency, reliability and sustainability can be found in the fleetCure portfolio.

Industry & utility

Reducing costs and decreasing footprints is a typical maintenance and reliability thing to be found in industriCure.


faciliCure is all about optimizing existing structures and buildings and reducing the need for costly refurbishments. Suitable for every surface, the faciliCure solutions are low-cost high performance coatings and techniques with little to no impact on environment, but with lifetimes that can exceed 10 years easily. And they do the job. Ask for possible warranties!



The Anti-Graffiti system that is at your disposal is based on over 30 years of research and development. It is trusted by more than 1.000 cities in the world.

The products are designed to remove all types of graffiti 100% without damage to the substrate or the environment and without leaving shades and traces. 


  • 100% success rate
  • 75% less water needed
  • Suited for heritage buildings
  • Biodegradable coating
  • Applicable during rain
  • Removal with warm or cold water
  • Solution for each type of surface

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding graffiti.



You can prevent all surfaces against fouling, corrosion, mold, moist, grease, UV, abrasion and whatever more by using nano-technology based fluids and coatings.

Each application is especially developed for a specific surface. You can treat glass, wood, textile, stone, steel and synthetics, the easy way.


  • Self-cleaning in visible and UV light
  • Reduces costs for cleaning up to 90%
  • Removes odour
  • Blocks UV
  • Prevents surfaces against erosion
  • Seawater resistant
  • Easy-to-apply

And more! Click here for your cityCure urban surfaces product information sheets.



Energy saving the easy way. You can deploy a wide variety of protective clear coatings containing nanotechnology that provides combined benefits.

There are varieties for tubes, glass, wood, rooftiles, food-environments, bricks, concrete and much more. Also improves safe working. Very suitable for CUI.


  • Reduces energy costs up to 40%
  • Provides anti-corrosion
  • Mold resistant & UV-stable
  • Prevent burns applied on tubes
  • Foodgrade
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Easy-to-apply

And more! Click here for your cityCure insulation product information sheets.



IndustriCure covers the issues about improving the industrial impact on cities and its services in a sustainable and more efficient way. IndustriCure starts at the very beginning of the value chain within cities and aims to optimize the industry and production behind the city. IndustriCure involves a special selection of high-performance products that have been tested and referenced in extreme conditions to ensure a long lasting beneficial improvement for our customers and their investments.

The aim is to improve processes and mechanical structures to reduce operational costs and to eliminate down time.

SRC Roof.jpg


Saving costs of energy is important for citizens, cities and industries. Solar issues are influencing the balance sheets big-time. So are our products. 

Reflection of sun rays as well as improving output of solar panels are possible. You have award winning and at least 10year  warranted applications at hand. 


  • Solar reflectance +87%
  • Up to 20% less airconditioning costs
  • Up to +10% power output panels TÜV
  • Extremely durable in all conditions
  • Chemical, flame, algae, dirt resistant
  • Self cleaning surface
  • 10 to 20 years warranty

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding sun reflection and solar panel surfaces.



Industries and utilities can save tons of money and equipment by preventing their installations from heat and cold transfer and from the destructive work of corrosion.

Nanotechnology based coatings that come in transparent, translucent or pigmented form. With a proven trackrecord, tested and certified where necessary.  


  • Thermal transmission -34% ISO 8990
  • Thermal resistance +28% ISO 8990
  • Adds non-corrosion to metal surfaces
  • Extremely durable, chemical resistant
  • Non-toxic, low VOC, foodgrade
  • Space saving, all surface technology
  • Applicable while in service

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding insulation and corrosion.



Installations suffer from wear. Wear means cost and inefficient use of energy. What if you could improve your service- or even the replacement intervals with years?

Again, well referenced but still state-of-the-art techniques are there for you to help you reducing downtime, cost and dangerous situations.   


  • Hardness >10 Mohs
  • Resistant up to 1.800 degrees Celsius
  • Coëfficiënt of Friction < 0,30
  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion
  • Foodgrade, non-stick, easy CIP
  • Extremely durable

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding abrasion resistance and anti-fouling.


A big part of city infrastructure takes care of the allocation of transport means for citizens, goods as well as their own service providers. The sheer amount of vehicles that is being operated by cities and service providers is extremely high. Just think about public transportation, the police, fire & garbage trucks as well as gardening and street maintenance vehicles. FleetCure aims to improve all vehicles within this cycle by focusing on reducing costs and reducing their emission to align these step by step with formulated European strategies and goals. 

Please see the product boxes to gain an understanding of the advantages and benefits of our FleetCure products.

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Fuels have to comply to EN standards. Within these standards it is possible to improve today's commercial fuels in a way that you will lower fuel cost and emissions.

You can help reducing fuel consumption and downplay the emissions of vehicles without doing big investments. Proven technology, put to use worldwide with lot of references. 


  • Lowers fuel consumption by 5 - 15%
  • Reduces unburned carbon in engine
  • Keeps diesel injectors clean
  • Suitable for gas, diesel, LPG and HFO
  • Removes water from fuel
  • cleans engine system
  • EN590 and EN228 compliant

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding fuel modification.



Lifetimecycles of engine and transmission oils can be prolongued up to factor 4. Now that's a way to reduce your ecological footprint AND improve on downtime!

We are closely monitoring oil samples to attest the performance of our solution and hence will be able to improve fleets on time and financial means. 


  • Extension of oil use with 2.000 hours
  • Forms chemically bonded layer
  • Strong reduction of downtime
  • Extreme reduction of friction
  • Reduces energy consumption 3 - 5%
  • Protects from wear of machine parts
  • Lasts up to 1.800 degrees celsius

And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding oil and friction modification. 

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The negative side of transport production is clearly the emission and pollution output that comes with it. cityCures self- and air cleaning coating aims to create a cleaner and less polluted environment. 

Reacting on visible light and UV, the coating converts harmful particles and emissions into, for instance, O2! Paint a tree on your wall...      


And more! Click here for your cityCure product information sheets regarding self- and air-cleaning surfaces.