Today cityCures Romanian representative Nanotechnology Solutions SRL concluded a pilot project that aims to keep the windows clean forever in the Romanian capital Bucharest. Impossible? Maybe. The patented titanium-dioxide coating that is deployed in the cityCure programme was chosen to show it's self-cleaning potential. And where else can you proof better than the millfactory of Good Mills Bucharest that this application works?

After the project set-up was discussed with representatives of Good Mills, Nanotechnology Solutions SRL and cityCures nC Surface Technology BV from the Netherlands, Radu Pasculescu and Dragos Oancea from Nanotechnology Solutions took the task at hand and supervised the cleaning of 350 m² of windows, followed by the application of the titanium-dioxide coating.

The coating, a combination of nano titanium-dioxide and new developed binders and activators, is unique in the way that the complete carrier of the nanotechnique will not affect nor will be affected by TiO2's selfcleaning capacities. Therefore, it can be considered as the first TiO2-based nanocoating that can perform for over 10 years without re-appplication or repair of the applied layers. TiO2 is known for years for it's selfcleaning and airpurifying capacities.