Utrecht university treats solarpanels with nano PV coating

Selfcleaning, airpurifying, extremely durable and easy-to-apply. cityCure's latest development on selfcleaning and airpurifying coating has promising features to act as a PV (photovoltaïc) panel enhancer.

For this reason, cityCure's Dutch partner nC Surface Technology applied the coating on the solarpanels at the University of Utrecht. Here a team of scientists, lead by Ph.D. Wilfried van Sark will measure the effect of the coating on different aspects. The project, initiated by nanotech company Dunatec from Zwolle, the Netherlands, spans and will span months of testing before results are made public.

The coating, a combination of nano titanium-dioxide and new developed binders and activators, is unique in the way that the complete carrier of the nanotechnique will not affect nor will be affected by TiO2's selfcleaning capacities. Therefore, it can be considered as the first TiO2-based nanocoating that can perform for over 10 years without re-appplication or repair of the applied layers. Predecessors of this type of coating have shown 4 up to 7% improvement of power output on solarpanels.