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Change the way we perceive our urban environment.


IMPROVE on cleanliness for your people and animals
IMPROVE on air quality for your citizens and visitors
IMPROVE on safety for all
PREVENT your assets from wear and corrosion
RESTORE the value of your history, present and future
CREATE civil engagement and strengthen the middle class
BENEFIT from less cost, more time and more value


The cityCure concept facilitates both nanotechnology products as well as traditional biomimetics. Tools for you to improve operational, technological, social and financial aspects of city maintenance and development. While establishing new markets and applications, cityCure can create new revenue streams for current and new service providers in order to create a more sustainable, innovative and liveable environment for citizens. 


The mission of cityCure is the deployment of incredibly easy-to-implement solutions for cities, towns, villages and rural environments. Therefore, cityCure is a smart, future-oriented service add-on for citizens, public civil servants, companies, public works and their existing systems. In short: YOU.  


The picture above shows a part of the city where people can relax and enjoy their life and their company from friends and nature. A time and place so needed when we want to sustain and keep up the pace. cityCure wants to improve your impact and control on operational, technological, social and financial aspects of city maintenance and development. To achieve our highly set goals we put our trust in a smart combination of conventional and newly, state-of-the-art technologies. cityCure focuses on high-performance products and techniques with a nanotechnological or biomimetical background. These are the only products available that are both extremely durable AND environmental friendly. Their versatile range of application areas is equally convincing as their high and reliable functionality even in extreme conditions. This way you are handed the ability to reduce operational costs, increase aesthetics and create a better and more sustainable environment for your customers.

As an organisation we focus on your improvement of processes, the functionality and profitability of products, machines and facilities and on the well-being and health of people, animals and nature. In rural areas, in villages, towns, cities and agglomerations. Our people in the organisation are well educated and/or well experienced in the fields of nanotechnology and biomimetics. Experience and precise knowledge of materials, surfaces and application techniques is key to account for long lasting, satisfactory results even in extreme environments. Here is where you come into play. 

The mission of cityCure is the deployment of incredibly easy-to-implement solutions. So, if WE focus on technology and research and development, YOU, from your position as citizen, employee or company, can apply, implement, discuss, test or support the products and techniques that are at your disposal or are used in your immediate surroundings. Starting today!


We develop, produce, manufacture, research, distribute, apply, supervise and talk about products that are aimed for People, Planet, Profit.